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For Hanneke de Munck working by order is a true challenge. The specific wishes and conditions, the consultation, the research, the presentation of the design, the evaluation and the final agreement, the execution and positioning of the sculpture, which often includes many ways of cooperation – to her it all is really fascinating and stimulating.
The orders De Munck accepts must fit in with her character and working method, but they may vary as to size and themes.

- Monumental statues.

- Series of small sculptures in bronze, if desired combined with natural stone, e.g. business or jubilee gifts.

- Portraits to live models.

- Counselling as to the positioning and designing the surroundings, in combination with the installation of De Munck’s own sculptures.

Made by order

1986 Ophtalmist relief, sunk carving in Bianco del Mare, 30 x 40 x 5 cm -
dr. A.B. de Haan, Amsterdam.
1987 Veterinary relief, sunk carving in Bianco del Mare - dr. M.R.J. Heun, Amsterdam.
‘Bear’,high relief, French limestone, 60 x 40 x 30 cm - L. de  Bruin, Bilthoven
'Bear', business present, bronze - L. de  Bruin, Bilthoven
1988 Portrait, white chamotte clay, 35 cm - J.J. Wittenberg, Amsterdam
'Angel', alabaster, 60 x 40 x 20 cm - dr. A.B. de Haan
1990 'Circe' and 'Kali', bronzes, ca. 20 cm - dr. W. Kok, Heemstede
1991 Design baptismal font for de Oude Kerk, Amsterdam.
1993 'Eagle', gravestone, red granite, 30 x 100 x 60 cm, located on
Zorgvliet cemetry, Amsterdam
1995 Design reorganisation courtyard Central Library, Amsterdam
1997 'Pole-vaulter', bronze, series - Sara  Lee / DE.
1998 'Eligius', bronze, on Belgium freestone, total height 245 cm - Municipal Art Committee, Boxtel
1999 Series bronze statues – Port of Amsterdam.
2000 'Sophia', bronze, 20 cm - dr.  W. Kok, Heemstede
'Mother', small series, bronze –S.H.Bakker, Amsterdam
2001 Portrait 'Daniël' - F.A. De Munck-Swagerman
2002 'Isis', bronze, ca. 20 cm - dr. W. Kok, Heemstede
2005 ‘Seagull’, bronze, 100 cm, located on Zorgvliet, Amsterdam
‘Travellers-Altar of Love’, 10x2x8 cm,terra cotta and pliewood, series for ABK